About Us

What does MPE stand for? Here at MPE we believe in a particular type of lifestyle. We strongly believe that everyone should pursue to improve their Mental intelligence, Physical health, and Emotional well-being, MPE. Overall we believe these three components improves the quality of life for everyone which is why we are MPE and want to aspire others to adopt the MPE lifestyle and improve their lives too.

Mental Intelligence

What we refer to as mental intelligence is not necessarily book smart but of course it can be. We believe that everyone should aim to find and eventually do what they love, and become experts at what they love to do. Whether you're a make up enthusiast, a chef, a personal trainer, a mathematical genius, or anything. We believe everyone should aspire and continuously expand their mental intelligence in their specific field and eventually become experts in their passion. This is the M in MPE. 


Physical Health 

We all know our physical health is important. Adopting an active lifestyle not only helps prevent diseases, makes us physically stronger, but like mentioned before assists us with improving our quality of life. Join the MPE lifestyle and strive to incorporate an active lifestyle and fulfill the P in MPE. 


Emotional Well-Being

Our emotional well-being can sometimes become quite difficult to control. We each face the many different daily battles life throws at us and it can become frustrating to remain emotionally prepared for such curveballs. Here at MPE we believe if we constantly remind ourselves of the positive things occurring in our lives, we can help improve our emotional well being!