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MPE Athletics Sweat Belt

$20.99 USD

MPE Athletics Sweat Belt

Our MPE Athletics Sweat Belt can be used during all your workouts or any activity that gets you sweating! 

Product Details

  • Increases core temperature during your workouts causing an excess increase in sweat specifically targeting the abdominal and lower back area. 
  • Material is very flexible so it can be used during ab workouts as well. 
  • High quality neoprene fabric. 
  • Non-slip surface designed to repel sweat and moisture. 
  • Durable overlock stitching
  • Double Velcro for extra grip. 
  • Adjustable Waist Trimmer Ab Belt will give you the extra support you need to stand up straight by removing the pressure on your back and relieving sore muscles and arthritis. Correcting posture and providing instant abdominal compression and lumbar support. 

  • One size. 

Product Measurements

Below is the max measurement. 
 Waist Length (Vertical)
42.5 inches 7 inches